[linux-lvm] Can I use LVM with ReiserFS?

Thorsten Sauter sar at viastore.de
Wed Dec 20 18:10:14 UTC 2000


im using lvm-0.9 with kernel 2.2.17 and reiserfs on two volume groups. One
for the operation system (incl. boot) and one for the home directories.

On all physical volumes is the reiserfs the filesystem that i'm using.
This installation works now for over 2 month and it works fine.

So, reiserfs and lvm is wounderful... use it!


On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Maurice Volaski wrote:

> I'm getting ready to install a server that will use hardware RAID 5 
> and I want to make a hardware RAID volume, put ReiserFS on it and 
> initially make it appear as /home to my users. Then at some point 
> later, I want to take another hardware RAID volume, put ReiserFS on 
> it and add it to the existing /home so that users all of a sudden see 
> a huge increase in the size of /home. Can this be done or will my use 
> of ReiserFS make it a problem?
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