[linux-lvm] valid_majors

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Fri Feb 25 16:29:05 UTC 2000

> Hi,
> is there a way to give the list of valid majors at runtime (in commandline or in a
> configuration file) ?


The basic idea is that LVM should find all existing disk instances in
the system (including MD, LOOP ect. devices) without the user to care about it.

Problem is the overcrowded /dev directory of today.

devfs can help with that (and other issues) as well.

The actual 0.8final code uses /proc/partitions fastening the process
of scanning, if it exists and falls back to scan /dev if it doesn't.

> Problem: 'vgscan' needs circa 1 hours on a 486 test machine.


SAP-linuxkernel on 486 ;-{)

> Thousands of 'mordprobe' are 
> executed because the lvm.tools are of cause compiled under the running kernel.
> This kernel has activated nearly all disk-drivers (most of them as module), so vgscan
> scans all this devices and load all modules...
> I can't change the kernel-configuration, because it is the SAP-linuxkernel and I want
> have a non-system-specifiv lvm-package.
> BTW: I have an lvm.rpm, if needed....
> Maybe the more flexible way is to create a configuration file, for example /etc/lvm/valid-majors,
> where the administrator can include and exclude devices.
> If this file don't exist, the old behaviour keeps.

If you can't use the actual LVM driver/lib/tools and/or devfs
a workaround might be to move away all /dev blockdevice entries you don't need
in your specific hardware configuration to a different directory.



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