[linux-lvm] valid_majors

Franken Klaus Klaus.Franken at fth2.siemens.de
Fri Feb 25 15:19:32 UTC 2000


is there a way to give the list of valid majors at runtime (in commandline or in a
configuration file) ?

Problem: 'vgscan' needs circa 1 hours on a 486 test machine. Thousands of 'mordprobe' are 
executed because the lvm.tools are of cause compiled under the running kernel.
This kernel has activated nearly all disk-drivers (most of them as module), so vgscan
scans all this devices and load all modules...
I can't change the kernel-configuration, because it is the SAP-linuxkernel and I want
have a non-system-specifiv lvm-package.
BTW: I have an lvm.rpm, if needed....

Maybe the more flexible way is to create a configuration file, for example /etc/lvm/valid-majors,
where the administrator can include and exclude devices.
If this file don't exist, the old behaviour keeps.

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