[linux-lvm] 0.8i pvcreate doesn't recognise Mylex RAID

Jakma, Paul Paul.Jakma at compaq.com
Wed Jan 26 18:18:00 UTC 2000

> Yes, it's an obvious disadvantage to do this 8-{(((
> The simple reason for it is performance enhancement.

there had to be a reason. :)

but i can live with the performance drop - it's only going to be for things
like the startup lvm commands, and maintenance commands like pvcreate, isn't

> A disadvantage still persists: you can't count on 16 minors 
> per disk for eg.
> like you can see with DAC960 with only 8 minors per volume.
> Scanning all device nodes still causes pain (s.b.).

devfs would be the answer.. but that's in a bit of a political no-mans land.

> Yep.
> That's why a change to use /proc/partitions is
> in the current developement code.

eeekk... /proc.. no, no no. I've had too much crap with changes in format of
/proc files breaking userland tools, i hate the same to happen to LVM. I
think it would be much mroe hassle-free to just take the performance hit and
scan /dev. 

> I think we can count on the existence of /proc and can fallback
> to scanning /dev, if /proc doesn't exist by accident.

ok.. sounds reasonable.

> Thanks 8-{)
> Heinz


Paul Jakma.

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