[linux-lvm] Question about order of drives in a logical volume

Håkan Jettingstad h.jettingstad at wineasy.se
Tue Jun 13 09:30:15 UTC 2000


I have a logical volume spanning across 8 SCSI harddrives, sda,sdb,...,sdh
and I boot the system from an IDE drive. Now I need to add an extra scsi
card and boot from a SCSI drive connected to that card. As I want to boot
from the drive on the new SCSI card, the new SCSI card must be the first
card in the bios scan and therefore the drive on the new card will be named
sda by linux. So my question is: is this possible and if so, how do I (if
needed) prepare the logical volume to span across sdb -> sdi instead of sda
-> sdh? I don't dare to do to any testing on my own as I have important data
on the logical volume. :)

Any help is highly appreciated as I'm rather new to both linux and LVM.

Best Regards,

Håkan Jettingstad

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