[linux-lvm] Re: IBM to release LVM Technology to the Linux

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Tue Jun 27 03:53:40 UTC 2000

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000 benr at us.ibm.com wrote:

> If the existing LVM could accommodate what our customers have
> asked for, then, yes, it would have been more efficient to
> improve the current Linux LVM.  However, in order for the current
> LVM to be able to do what our customers have asked for,

what have your customers asked for exactly? 

and are these customers AIX customers?

> it would have to be based upon a different architecture.  This
> would require major changes to the code, the equivalent of a
> re-write.  This does not mean, however, that the current LVM is
> in any way bad.  It just means that our customers have needs that
> are not being met by the current LVM, and something different is
> required to meet those needs.

but rather than throwing your LVM at Linux (and having 2 different
LVM implementations - bad), why not re-examine your customers needs
and work with current LVM using your experience/concepts from IBM LVM
to develop an architecture that does meet those needs. An
architecture perhaps different from current-LVM/IBM-LVM but still
drawing on that experience.

i take it adapting IBM's LVM to linux will not be straight forward,
so the choices are:

1. port IBM LVM -> 2 seperate LVM implementations.
2. use current LVM with only slight improvements (possibly not
meeting your customer's needs)
3. work with Heinz and the rest of the linux community to build a new
LVM architecture, taking the best concepts from both IBM and Heinz
LVM to build a new LVM architecture superior to all the rest.

whatever you do, i think option 1. is the least desirable.

> Regards,
> Ben

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