[linux-lvm] raid & LVM

Jeffrey E. Mast jmast at mobilestor.com
Wed May 10 23:37:57 UTC 2000

I have been playing around with the kernel linux-2.3.99-pre7-8
(0.8final) and attempting to try out
using software raid0 with LVM. The problem I am having is that
apparently /proc/partitions
reports /dev/mda instead of /dev/md0 and pvcreate cannot find /dev/md0.

This may be due to raid not really being incorporated into the kernel
yet or if something else
changed in the kernel. Anyone know why?

Anyway, I made a link from /dev/md0 to /dev/mda and pvcreate works.
However, doing
a vgscan segfaults. The segfault occurs in pv_read_all_pv.c during the
check for MD and
clear out doubles.

Maybe I am being too bold trying this out before the full raid is
incorporated into the kernel, but
I wanted to see what the current status was.



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