[linux-lvm] Removing a PV

Rob Foehl rob at loonybin.net
Mon Nov 13 20:58:37 UTC 2000

I'd assumed that was the correct command sequence, but does lvreduce
ensure that the filesystem won't be damaged? Ie. does it only remove LE's
from the end of the LV, or what?

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Luca Berra wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 01:12:23PM -0500, Rob Foehl wrote:
> > If I want to completely pull a drive that belongs to a VG with an ext2
> > formatted LV in it, what's the correct procedure to avoid mangling the
> > filesystem? I currently have a 130 gig partition spread over six
> > drives.. about 74 gigs is in use, and I wanted to remove a single 20 gig
> > drive from the volume.. I'm assuming I should shrink the filesystem by
> > around 30 gigs or so (to be safe), then somehow also shrink the LV and
> > move any used PEs on the 20 gig drive in question onto freed space on
> > other drives.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> ext2resize/resize2fs
> lvreduce
> pvmove
> vgreduce
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