[linux-lvm] network block device support in LVM

pbmonday at imation.com pbmonday at imation.com
Thu Nov 16 15:05:01 UTC 2000

Hi There,

A while back (about 2 weeks) I mentioned (indirectly) that I couldn't get
network block devices working with the LVM.  Heinz mentioned that there
were fixes available, these didn't seem to fix my problem.  After digging a
bit more I discovered that although there was support for the NBD (assuming
I set NBD_MAJORS), the lvm_dir_cache function would not go beyond the
/proc/partitions data.

The logic in lvm_dir_cache (in my version at least) goes:

if ( dir_cache == NULL) {
     if ( ( proc = fopen ("/proc/partions") .... ) {
          // add partitions which subsequently increases cache_size
                if (!cache_size) {
                    // add other devices

So, my NBDs were never being added because my /proc/partions added 8 items
to the cache.

I removed the if(!cache_size) by changing it to if(1) and lvmdiskscan and
pvcreate now work, sort of, for NBD...though I haven't pushed it far.

There is one odd result, with the enhanced network block device support,
each entry is actually represented by several /dev entries, I think to
allow for alternate pipes.  So when I assign /dev/nda, it actually uses
/dev/nda and /dev/ndaX where X is 0 to 15.  So, lvmdiskscan reports

Anyway, my pvcreate works now so I can go on testing.  My questions are, is
the cache_size problem a bug or is something funky on my system?  And, of
course, if it is a bug, could it be fixed up?

Thank you,
Paul Monday
pbmonday at imation.com

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