[linux-lvm] swap lv

Andreas Dilger adilger at turbolinux.com
Tue Oct 24 16:42:24 UTC 2000

Mark Phillips writes:
> Holger Rauch [Holger.Rauch at heitec.de] wrote:
> > Is it possible to have only one swap partition that resides on an LV? If
> > so, how can this be achieved? Are swap LVs resizable?
> As for resizing a swap partition.  What I would do is as follows.
> First unmount your swap partition so that you are not using it
> anymore.  Then delete the partition.  Then create it again, making it
> a different size.  Then run mkswap again and mount it again.

Actually, it is probably better to make a new swap LV, activate it, and
then deactivate the old one (assuming you have enough disk space to do
so).  Otherwise, you may run out of memory if you don't have a swap

The other alternative is to simply have 2 or more swap partitions.  If
they are created with equal priority, then they will both be used.  There
is no problem with having multiple swap partitions.

Cheers, Andreas
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