[linux-lvm] Error in lvmcreate_initrd ?

Les Hazelton seawolf at attglobal.net
Thu Oct 26 18:43:27 UTC 2000

I think there is bug in the lvmcreate_initrd script. Notice in the clip
below the line after cmd-... where the variable VERRSION is set but then
in the next line VERSION is tested and set if null.  The net result is
that you are unable to pass in a module version to override the value
provided by VERSION=`uname -r`.

# Changelog
#   16/11/1999 - corrected -N type with mke2fs
#   19/12/1999 - use correct ramdisk size
#                strip shared library to save space
#   04/01/2000 - support /proc mount, because lvm_dir_cache now uses it

cmd=`basename $0`
[ -z "$VERSION" ] && VERSION=`uname -r`


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Les Hazelton

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