[linux-lvm] invalidate: busy buffer

Wolfgang Weisselberg weissel at netcologne.de
Sun Dec 16 21:12:02 UTC 2001

Hi, Ulrich!

Ulrich Wiederhold (U.Wiederhold at gmx.net) wrote 26 lines:

> * Wolfgang Weisselberg <weissel at netcologne.de> [011216 20:50]:
> > BTW, is there a good reason to run vgscan on boot time every
> > time?  I have had more sorrow than joy with that.  If my
> > vg's really changed, I can always run it from the (non-LVM)
> > / which will come up, even if only as an emergency system.

> Ok, but you need to run vgscan && vgchange -ay every time you wanna use
> your LVM-drives, and I think that's normally every time you boot your
> PC.

Funny, my PC boots and mounts the LVs even though I commented
out vgscan entirely in the boot process.  vgchange is another
thing, though...

> But... I add them
> to /etc/rcS.d/S99local incl. the mount command.

Faaar to late -- considering that all the daemons start up early
and need fancy things like /usr, /var and sometimes /tmp ..


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