[linux-lvm] Implementation questions

Colin Coe CCoe at bunnings.com.au
Mon Dec 17 22:00:02 UTC 2001

Hi all

I need to set up a bunch of Linux machines of approximately the following
- PII 400
- 2 x 20GB HDD
- 256 MB  RAM
- RedHat 7.2

What I want is to use software raid (mirroring) and LVM.  How do I do this
from scratch?  I have looked but can't find a howto on this.  I have
attempted to do this but have run into several problems:
- During RH7.2 install you can choose to install to /dev/md but not LVM
- Once you have installed the OS there is no (easy/intuitive) way to get the
LVM in place

As I have about 130 of these to do, I am toying with the idea of installing
a cut-down Linux system with XFS, LAM, md and ramdisk support and making a
bootable CD-ROM which I can then use to configure the system how I want it.

Thats the plan at the moment, has anyone got a better idea? 


Colin Coe
AIX/Linux Systems Administrator
Bunnings Building Supplies Pty Ltd

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