[linux-lvm] question on lvextend

Urs Thuermann urs at isnogud.escape.de
Sat Dec 22 02:43:01 UTC 2001

Aman Shahi <shahi_aman at yahoo.com> writes:

> Can I extend a striped LV ?

Yes.  I've done so several times.

> If so, does the data gets redistributed or what ?

No.  There no need to move data from the LV around.  The LV just gets
a couple of new PEs assigned just as with non-striped LVs.  Only the
mapping of already allocated LEs to PEs is modified, e.g.

	before				after

	LE	PV	   PE		LE	PV	   PE
	00	/dev/sda1  00		00      /dev/sda1  00
	01	/dev/sda1  01		01      /dev/sda1  01
	02	/dev/sdb1  00		02      /dev/sda1  02
	03	/dev/sdb1  01		03      /dev/sdb1  00
					04      /dev/sdb1  01
					05      /dev/sdb1  02

Look at lvdisplay -v before and after running lvextend.


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