[linux-lvm] mirroring boot and root

evan.day at home.com evan.day at home.com
Sat Jun 2 15:21:05 UTC 2001

> Hi,
> Can someone point me in the right direction.
> I'm coming from hpux-land.  They allow for mirroring of the boot
> Is this doable under linux/lvm?

Linux LVM does not have any support for mirroring in itself.  However,
the linux kernel does contain software RAID support - it is possible to
run LVM on top of a RAID 1.  I do this, and have successfully booted 
from each disk with the other disk in the RAID down.

LILO 21.7 contains support for placing a boot sector on RAID devices.  I
used install-mbr to put a boot MBR on sda and sdb, then lilo to put a 
LILO boot sector on /dev/md0, which is sda1 and sdb1.  The rest of my
system is built on PV /dev/md1, which is sda4 and sdb4.

I'm not sure if there are future plans to add mirroring to LVM or not. 
However, by building LVM on top of RAID, you don't have to worry about
quorum when you lose a disk.  The first time we lost a boot drive on 
HP-UX at work it was quite a learning experience :)

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