[linux-lvm] Migrating to an LVM system (boot/root) disk

Brian J. Murrell lvm at interlinx.bc.ca
Mon Jun 4 06:04:53 UTC 2001

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 09:40:20PM -0600, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> That's because LVM 0.9.1b7 is broken w.r.t. LILO.

Ahhh.  Now that makes sense.  :-)

> You must have a very strange system if your IDE drive will be known as
> /dev/sda1 (maybe IDE-SCSI)?

Oops.  I am a SCSI-head.  I don't normally use IDE but I am giving
ATA66 a whirl on my workstation.  Because of my predominant use of
SCSI /dev/sd* is what I am used to dealing with.  Of course I meant
/dev/hda1 rather than /dev/sda1

> In any case, yes I think that this will
> screw up your boot sector.  What you can try is the "disk=" parameter
> in your lilo.conf, saying /dev/hdc has BIOS number 0x80, so that when
> you shuffle your disks the boot sector will be correct.

It's not so much the boot sector I am worried about.  What concerns me
is that when I set up my new disk (on /dev/hdc1) with LVM, LVM is
associating the device /dev/hdc1 with the PV.  What happens to that
association when I move the disk to the primary ide bus and it becomes

> I put a (non-LVM) rescue boot partition on my disk which has basically
> everything from /bin, /sbin, and some /lib/lib*, /lib/modules/<kernel>.

Everything that is needed for LVM you mean or do you mean you copied
everything from your root filesystem?  If the latter, would that not
be overkill?

But I like the idea.  I was thinking it was time to move on from
emergency boot diskette(s) to a boot CD-ROM.

> Cheers, Andreas

Thanx Andreas,

Brian J. Murrell

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