[linux-lvm] lvm_chr_ioctl / unable to activate vg

Conny Brunnkvist / dimac.net c.brunnkvist at speednames.com
Tue Jun 26 09:45:29 UTC 2001

> vgchange -- creating VGDA for "vg0" in kernel
> lvm -- lvm_chr_ioctl: unknown command 4004fe0a
> vgchange -- ERROR "Invalid argument" activating volume group "vg0"

> So, I speculate it has to do with the change of userland 
> tools versions...

I just found out that it was v0.9 I had used before, and when I switched
back to that version it started working again! With kernel 2.4.4 and all.
Perhaps that error message wasn't intuitive enough for me... 8-)

Now I'm just curious about what will happen when I upgrade to v1.0...

Anyhow, thanks for a wonderful piece of software! ;)


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