[linux-lvm] Updated VFS-lock patch for quota32 enabled 2.4 kernels (was: Updated patch VFS-lock for 2.4.18+ XFS enabled kernels)

Adrian Head ahead at bigpond.net.au
Wed Apr 3 04:22:01 UTC 2002

Chris Mason,

Please disregard the email and patch posted yesterday:

After discussions with the nice folks at SGI's XFS project - they have 
suggested a change of patch name and explanation.

I'm still hoping that this linux-2.4.18+-quota32-VFS-lock.patch can be added 
to the PATCHES directory in the LVM CVS for those people that use both LVM 
and a 2.4 Kernel with Jan Kara's new Quota patches applied (like a 2.4.18+ 
XFS enabled kernel).

When compiling _any_ 2.4.18+ kernel with Jan Kara's new Quota code
 (for example SGI's XFS Kernel - both the official split patches and CVS)
 with the standard linux-2.4.18-VFS-lock.patch the compile will fail because
 of an undefined macro DQUOT_SYNC().  LVM uses DQUOT_SYNC() to flush Quota
 changes to disk before locking the VFS for snapshot creation.  This patch
 is the standard LVM linux-2.4.18-VFS-lock.patch with DQUOT_SYNC() changed
 to the new Quota code's DQUOT_SYNC_DEV().
 *** Kernels without Jan Kara's new Quota patches applied only need the
 standard LVM linux-2.4.18-VFS-lock.patch ***

For more information:

The new 2.4.x Quota code by Jan Kara can be found here:
 Kernel patches:
 Userspace tools:

The original email thread relating to this problem can be found here:

The SGI XFS project can be found here:

This is against 2.4.18-xfs + lvm 1.0.4 or lvm 1.1rc1 but is relevent to
 _any_ 2.4.18+ Kernel that has Jan Kara's new Quota patches applied; until
 Jan Kara's new Quota code is accepted by Marcelo into the 2.4.x mainline
 kernel tree.
 *** Kernels without the new Quota patches applied only need the
 standard LVM linux-2.4.18-VFS-lock.patch ***


PS: I'm not officially associated with the SGI XFS or Jan Kara's new Quota
    project(s) - just a happy LVM + XFS + new Quota user.

Adrian Head

(Public Key available on request.)
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