[linux-lvm] Updated patch VFS-lock for 2.4.18+ XFS enabled kernels

Holger Rauch Holger.Rauch at heitec.de
Wed Apr 3 09:40:03 UTC 2002

Hi Adrian!

Thanks a lot for your reply! I was able to fix my problem by substituting
DQUOT_SYNC by DQUOT_SYNC_DEV in include/linux/quotaops.h and
fs/buffer.c. I simply did a

find . -name "*.[ch]" | xargs grep -n DQUOT_SYNC

starting from /usr/src/linux. (I think somebody else mailed this already). 

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Adrian Head wrote:

> I'm sorry to hear that your having problems.  It appears that your 2.4.18-xfs 
> kernel doesn't have the new Quota code.

Indeed, it doesn't. I was overlooking that your patch is only for kernels
with the new quota code in your previous mail. Sorry.

> Where did you get your 2.4.18-xfs kernel from?  Is it from SGI XFS CVS? or 
> from the official split patches? or another source?

It is the 2.4.18 kernel coming with Debian testing (Woody) with the
included xfs and evms patches applied.

> If is is from the official split patches did you include the 
> xfs-2.4.18-split-quota32 patch?  It appears that oss.sgi.com is down at the 
> moment so I cannot check the current file name.

You don't have to, but thanks anyway for your help.

> [..] 
> Nathan Scott has advised me that I should change the name of the patch anyway 
> as it relates to any kernel that has the new Quota code not just the XFS 
> kernel.

If it for any kernel having the new quota code, then this is probably a
good idea.



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