[linux-lvm] Red Hat upgrade over existing LVM

Nick Urbanik nicku at vtc.edu.hk
Sat Apr 6 22:47:02 UTC 2002

Steve Wray wrote:

> If you are not too deeply committed to redhat as such,
> there is always mandrake; that supports LVM
> at install or upgrade time.
> If you install mandrake on top of your existing
> redhat/LVM system, the mandrake installer will
> see the existing volume groups and allow you to
> allocate them to mount points etc; thereby not
> *necessarily* losing data.

How is the Mandrake installation CD as a rescue disk?  Does it support RAID
1 and 5, reiserfs, ext3 as well as LVM?  (in terms of being able to mount
it all and read it).

This could be the great rescue disk we need!

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