[linux-lvm] bug in lvm 1.0.[23]

Wiktor Wodecki wodecki at gmx.de
Fri Mar 1 12:02:01 UTC 2002

Hello folks,

On my system there was a volume group called "storage" constructed of 3 harddrives. There were 4 LV's. Well, my harddisks started to fail and I bought new ones,
+reinstalled my system due to this 'opportunity'. Well, my new drives were merged to a vg called "storage", lv's were created, everything fine. Now I pluged-in
+the old drives, and, well, okay, it was party my fault by now, the old 'storage' vg was accessible, the new one wasn't. I renamed the active vg to vg0 and
+rebootet in hope for two vg's to be available. There still was only one vg active, the old one. Suprisingly it was accessible under the new *and* the old name.
+Rather strange. I pluged the old disks of, and started my pc, to discover that the new vg was accessible under those two names, too. I could rename them and work
+with the old and the new vg, but the point is that I have 4 vgs now in my system - I only should see two.
It's a nasty bug and one shouldn't be so dumb as I was, but I think some sanity checks in the code wouldn't be bad.
The old vg was created with lvm 1.0.2 on 2.4.16 or so and the new system was 2.4.18-rc1 with lvm 1.0.3.


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