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Sat Mar 2 05:57:01 UTC 2002

I am trying to install the LVM v1.0.3 in a RedHat 7.2 but I have some problems. I am following the HowTo (http://www.sistina.com/lvm_howtos/lvm_howto) and I have carried out the steps there suitable. I recompiled Kernel to be able to support LVM etc... At the moment I have the following hard disks:  
/ dev/hda1 ext2  (Linux native)  
/ dev/hdb1 swap  (Linux swap)  
/ dev/hdc1 ext2  (LVM volume)  
In the / dev/hda1 has installed the current RedHat, but what I attempt is migrate the / to a LVM volume (following the howto http://www.sistina.com/lvm_howtos/lvm_howto/Converting_a_root_filesys.html) but here it is where I have problems. The unit LVM is created and it is activated in the boot process. I have copied the whole content of the / less /boot directory. The problem comes when wanting to pull up Linux having the / in the volume LVM (/dev/hdc1). The modifications of the one in the /etc/fstab of the /dev/hdc1 is carried out, as well as the creation of the initrd and in the grub I have added the correct option to be able to start up:  
title Net Hat Linux (2.4.7-10) VLM Support  
        root (hd0,0)  
        kernel / boot/vmlinuz-2.4.7-10feb2002 mem=250M ramdisk=5038 ro root=/dev/q3xvol/ro  
        initrd / boot/initrd-lvm-2.4.7-10feb2002.gz  
When I start up and I select this option and the system it begins to start up.... but shortcomings take place:  
hdb:<7> LDM:  DEBUG (ldm.c, 876): validate_partition_table: Found basic MS-DOS partition, not to dynamic disk.  
hdc:<7> LDM:  DEBUG (ldm.c, 876): validate_partition_table: Found basic MS-DOS partition, not to dynamic disk.    
Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M  
NET4 LinuxIPX 0.47 for NET4.0  
IPX Portions Copyright (c) 1995 Boiler, Inc  
IPX Portions Copyright (c) 2000, 2001 Conectiva, Inc  
Kernel panic: I have not root and I want to scream.  
And the system stops having that reeboot. It seems that he doesn't find or it cannot mount the root. Does somebody know what it happens? Some idea?  
Thank you for the help!
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