[linux-lvm] has anyone used LVM in a HA cluster?

Michael Lausch mla at lausch.at
Mon May 13 10:59:02 UTC 2002

Tim wrote:

> Or don't, and buy a power supply that you can control from serial, and
> do so -- STONITH, it's called -- Shoot The Other Node In The Head.  Once
> the power is off, there is no danger of fsck'ing...
> It's a rather elegant way to solve that problem, IMHO.
> We're going that route.

which may backfire, if both nodes think the other one is down (split 
brain again) and start the shutdown procedure. okay, this is a very rare 
situation, and may happen only under strange load and scheduling 
parameters, but it will happen as any other "very rare situation" 
happens ;-). especially in HA environments they seem to happen much more 
often then in simple single point of failure environments ;-) you won'Ät 
loosew your filesystem, but the service is unavailable.

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