[linux-lvm] has anyone used LVM in a HA cluster?

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Mon May 13 11:23:03 UTC 2002

> which may backfire, if both nodes think the other one is down (split
> brain again) and start the shutdown procedure. okay, this is a very rare
> situation, and may happen only under strange load and scheduling
> parameters, but it will happen as any other "very rare situation" happens
> ;-). especially in HA environments they seem to happen much more often
> then in simple single point of failure environments ;-) you won'Ät loosew
> your filesystem, but the service is unavailable.

Nothing will give you 100%: eventually the switchover methods
introduce more marginal P(fail) than the original setup had.
Joy of reliability studies is figuring how to take the first
partial of P(Fail) w/ respect to the switchover systems and
set it to zero... Turns out the most reliable answer is a swag
anyway :-)

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