[linux-lvm] LVM 1.03 root file system on Redhat 7.3

James B. Byrne ByrneJB at Harte-Lyne.ca
Wed May 29 11:10:02 UTC 2002

We are using the grub bootloader.  We have followed the 
instructions contained in the the lvm howto document provided by 
sistina, to the best of my ability to understand them.

The problem is that system gives a kernel panic when started using 
the lvm boot option.  Is there a way to redirect the boot dialogue 
output to a file?  It appears that the most informative messages may 
be scrolling of the top of the screen.  What I am seeing is this:

kmod: failed to exec /sbin/modeprobe -s -k block-major-7 errno = 2 

repeated 16 times, followed by

vgvchange -- volume group "vg00" successfully activated

VFS: Cannot open root device "vg00"/lv01: or 00:00
Please append correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 00:00


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