[linux-lvm] FYI - Red Hat 7.2 and LVM module

Theo Van Dinter felicity at kluge.net
Wed May 29 12:37:01 UTC 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 10:32:59AM -0500, Michael K Lambert wrote:
> This causes the rc.sysinit test to fail and LVM is not initialized. Of
> course, it is simple to work around this. I changed rc.sysinit to test for
> /proc/lvm OR the existence of the lvm-mod, and that seemed to work fine.
> This is just an FYI so that others in similar circumstances can avoid any
> confusion.

My solution to this was that when I made my initrd using mkinitrd, I add a
"--with=lvm-mod" option.  That force-loads lvm-mod before init kicks in,
so /proc/lvm will exist when the check occurs.

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