[linux-lvm] LVM 2

Anders Widman andewid at tnonline.net
Wed May 29 13:08:02 UTC 2002

> On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 02:16:44PM +0200, Anders Widman wrote:
>>    How  stable  is LVM 2

> The releases tend to be very stable, cvs obviously is a little less
> so.  The core functionality (ie. simple LVs) hasn't changed for months
> - current development is focusing on pvmove and the new metadata
> format.

> The snapshot facility was completed recently (including writeable
> snapshots).  Judging from the bug reports on the list they seem to be
> more stable than 1.1rc2, as well as being faster (see
> http://people.sistina.com/~thornber/snap_performance.html for a pretty
> graph).

What exactly shown in those diagrams? :)

> Personally I've had all my data on LVM2 since November without mishap.

>> and is it possible to convert a LVM 1 system
>>    to LVM 2 without loosing data?

> LVM2 by default uses the same metadata format as LVM1, so there really
> isn't any conversion procedure.  So try LVM2 for a bit, if you don't
> like it (unlikely) revert to LVM1.  Please note that metadata backups
> and archives are held in a very different form.

So I can just install LVM2 and continue as usual, and switch back if I
get  into  trouble?  And, what if I get into trouble? I can not backup
all data. There is not enough space for that.

>>    Also,  is  it  possible to convert (with and LVM version) a spanded
>>    volume to a striped volume?

> Not until we get the new pvmove infrastructure.

So,   when newer pvmove tools develops it would be possible to convert
a spanned volume to a sriped (RAID0 or 5?) volume without loosing data?

Right  now  I  have about 10 disks that are spanned with LVM1. I would
really  want  to  be  able  to  convert  this to a striped volume with
redundancy, like RAID 5.

> If you do try LVM2 please give us feedback on how easy the transition
> was and what extra documentation you would like to see.  Also if you get
> into trouble the team is normally on irc.openprojects.net #lvm.

I will, when I see that the above could work. =)

> - Joe


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