[linux-lvm] file system larger than lv

Ragnar Kjørstad lvm at ragnark.vestdata.no
Fri Nov 15 20:00:02 UTC 2002

> > Putting additional overloading block/filesystem layer services not necessarily
> > needed there into the kernel is unlikely to be accepted either IMO.
> No.  No.  Not in the kernel.  I mean the user space tools can simply
> check what data is on the block device (i.e. look for a known
> signature of given filesystems) and see if it can determine if it is
> indeed a filesystem.

First of all it's not possible to detect if the device includes a valid
filesystem. You can only check for know filesystems and I don't think it
would be a good idea for lvm to include a list of filesystem-signatures.

Second, reducing the size of a device is just as dangerous if there is
something else (say a datbase) on that device.

So, if anything, I think lvreduce should always warn the user that this
is a dangerous operation.

Ragnar Kjørstad
Big Storage

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