Fw: [linux-lvm] Any way to remove a PV from LV for backup?

bmoon bo at sosnetwork.net
Tue Sep 3 21:29:01 UTC 2002

I lost the last 3 days' email and did not have any response yet.
So sending the same question again.

> Hello,
>  The system has 4 PVs, which belongs to one VG and one LV.
>  I want to remove a disk and replace it with new when the system
>  consumes all of its space then start to use next PV.
>  Q1: Is it really possible by LVM concept?
> Q2: If I have one extra PV I could use "pvmove", but I do not have.
>         Any way to resolve it?
> Q3: Are there any way to replay each PV(backup PV) independently on 
>        the seperate system?
>  Any other idea or hint?
>  Thanks,
>  Bo

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