[linux-lvm] Error after moving volume group to another machi

Florian Hinzmann f.hinzmann at hamburg.de
Fri Sep 6 06:51:02 UTC 2002

Hello Heinz!

On 04-Sep-2002 Heinz J . Mauelshagen wrote:

> is it really 3 HDDs you want to move, not 4?
> It says "Cur PV               4" in the pvdata output below.
> Maybe that still makes sense, because you have 2 PVs in 2 partitions on
> the very same physical disk.

No, I was really moving 4 out of that box. I just got confused writing
my mail as there were 3 other disks involved and I was shuffling
them around and using some of them temporarily to reach the setup
I wanted. But I am off topic here .. ;)

It has not been a LVM nor a software problem. One of the power 
connectors was broken, so one disk did not have power. Maybe it 
is possible to have a more expressive error message?

Something like "VG <name> consists of 4 PVs, only finding 3".

Anyway, it was my fault, thanks for your thoughts about it!


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