[linux-lvm] software mirroring

Scott Savarese scott at scottsavarese.com
Mon Sep 9 08:41:18 UTC 2002

José Luis Domingo López said:
> There shouldn't be any problems at all, except for bootup: it can be
> tricky (complex, prone to error or simply impossible, I don't know ;)
> to get a box boot off a LV on top of a software RAID1. But
> technically, it should be as simple as creating a partition on each
> disk, creating the RAID1 from them, initialize /dev/md0 as a PV for
> use with LVM, create a VG consisting of just this PV, and finally
> create as many LV as you need (size permitting).
> I have not had the chance to try it by myself, due to lack of
> hardware, but should work. Maybe the hard part is to do it at install
> time and get the system to boot from a LV created this way.

Bootup is definantly the issue right now... I created two raid1 sets
/dev/md0 and /dev/md1 on my second hard drive telling it that my first
harddrive was failed (so it wouldn't use it and break it). The first
will hold my /boot and the second (for now) will hold my /. I then
installed LVM onto my /dev/md1 and copied the filesystems over to the
appropriate locations. However after I configure lilo and fstab I have
issues. Depending on my lilo.conf I get either
L 80 80 80 ...

Is there a proper way to boot up?

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