[linux-lvm] cannot mount logical volume on boot

Ben Snyder ben at jumpline.com
Tue Sep 17 17:27:12 UTC 2002

bscott at ntisys.com wrote:

>  It sounds like the LVM is not up and running properly with the LV
>available when the filesystem check is run, causing the fsck to fail,
>causing the initscripts to drop you into the emergency "your system is
>really hosed" shell at boot.
Yeah, just trying to figure out why, excatly.

>  Instead of a hardlink, try a symlink.  I suspect the hardlink is causing
>the device node magic in the LVM userland programs to get all borked up.

After reading your suggestion I thought I'd give that a shot...what I 
get is a message telling me  /dev/sdz1 is not a valid block device.

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