[linux-lvm] Removing an old disk, and some vgexport/import love..

Christian Limpach chris at Pin.LU
Thu Sep 19 09:50:39 UTC 2002

Quoting Matt <lightning at aci.net>:

> > > PV Name (#)           /dev/hde1 (1)
> > > PV Name (#)           /dev/hdg1 (3)
> > > PV Name (#)           /dev/hdf1 (4)

what happened here is that vgreduce doesn't renumber the PVs and if you 
export the VG and try to reimport it, vgimport complains because it expects 
the PVs to be numbered contiguously.  I had this same problem a couple of 
weeks ago.  I solved it by patching the VGDA on the new disk, renumbering the 
PV to get the number of the PV I had removed and then everything was ok again.

It seems like you'll need to renumber /dev/hdf1 to be PV#2 from being PV#4.  
Check with pvdata that the PVs are indeed numbered as above, make a copy of 
the first few sectors of /dev/hdf1 and then try the following:
printf "\0002" | dd of=/dev/hdf1 bs=1 count=1 seek=432 conv=notrunc

Christian Limpach <chris at Pin.LU>

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