[linux-lvm] Removing an old disk, and some vgexport/import love..

Matt lightning at aci.net
Thu Sep 19 16:46:37 UTC 2002

Chris... I think I love you, that was indeed the problem and your solution
solved it.  I'd like to thank you both for helping me out, have a good one..


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> Quoting Matt <lightning at aci.net>:
> > > > PV Name (#)           /dev/hde1 (1)
> > > > PV Name (#)           /dev/hdg1 (3)
> > > > PV Name (#)           /dev/hdf1 (4)
> what happened here is that vgreduce doesn't renumber the PVs and if you
> export the VG and try to reimport it, vgimport complains because it
> the PVs to be numbered contiguously.  I had this same problem a couple of
> weeks ago.  I solved it by patching the VGDA on the new disk, renumbering
> PV to get the number of the PV I had removed and then everything was ok
> It seems like you'll need to renumber /dev/hdf1 to be PV#2 from being
> Check with pvdata that the PVs are indeed numbered as above, make a copy
> the first few sectors of /dev/hdf1 and then try the following:
> printf "\0002" | dd of=/dev/hdf1 bs=1 count=1 seek=432 conv=notrunc
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