[linux-lvm] Disk crash , LVM and ext2... (bis)

Patrick Caulfield caulfield at sistina.com
Wed Sep 25 02:22:31 UTC 2002

On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 12:48:58AM +0200, Emmanuel Varagnat wrote:
> (yesterday I wrote to lvm-devel at sistina.com, but it seems that it wasn't 
> the good place for my problem as nobody answer me :o| )
> My problem, is that I set a VG over 3 IDE disk, and that the first one 
> crashed. I started writing a tool to recover my data but this tool need 
> to only read the data that belong to the Ext2 filesystem.
> Originally, there were 4 LV in the VG. Would I be able to access the 
> remaining data of LVs ? And how could I do that ?
> I added the output of vgscan, pvdisplay and pvdata.

LVM1 can't retrieve data from a VG with a crashed PV (That's what your backups
are for).

LVM2 can if you active the VG with the -P (--partial) flag. LVM2 can read LVM2


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