[linux-lvm] drive-spindown

Michael Frotscher michael at frotscher.net
Wed Sep 25 03:18:44 UTC 2002

Hello, all

I'd like to have the drives of my LVM-system (SuSE 8.0) to spin down 
when the volume is not used (it's a data-volume only, the system 
resides somewhere else). The volume consists of one partition of hda 
and drives hdb and hdc are completely dedicated to it.

I tried to set a spindown-time in BIOS as well as hdparm -S, but 
strangely only hdc powers down (checked that with hdparm -C). I don't 
really expect hda to power down as the system resides on it, but hdb 
obviously should. Does anyone have an idea why it doesn't? 


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