[linux-lvm] Is there a LVM(2?) patch for 2.5.x yet?

Austin Gonyou austin at coremetrics.com
Mon Sep 30 17:28:54 UTC 2002

On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 17:19, José Luis Domingo López wrote:
> On Monday, 30 September 2002, at 12:05:13 -0500,
> Austin Gonyou wrote:
> > I really need to test 2.5.x and I can't ATM because of LVM patch
> > problems. Can someone tell me what's going on with LVM and 2.5?
> > 
> In the course of a long thread on linux-kernel mailing list (thread
> called "Re: v2.6 vs. v3.0") someone said that lack of a working LVM in
> 2.5.x was keeping away a lot of potential kernel testers.

Thanks much for replying. I actually wrote Heinz directly as well, but
it appears those mails  bounced, he's got too much in his in-box. 

> Someone said there have been seen patches to update LVM1 in 2.5.x to a
> working state, but the consensus seem to be that 2.5.x will include
> LVM2
> instead. Someone on the list offered to check for the availability of
> current LVM2 patches against 2.5.x and begin the "transition". This
> person is also subscribed to this list, IIRC.

As was my understanding from just a few months ago when the kernel
feature list was created.

> So in the following days someone should say something specific in that
> respect (at least, many people hope so, Halloween feature freeze is
> jsuta a month away :)

Yes..I know..and now it's time to start testing for functionality Lo and
behold, LVM doesn't work on 2.5.39. Last time it did, Rik estimated,
around 2.5.7 or so. :(

> Hope this helps.
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