[linux-lvm] extending LVM for school project

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Sharad Tiwari,

I'm very interesting with your plan.I've shared disks in a clustered environment
and I'll plan to develop the LVM more available,be fit for cluster environment,
and if possible,make the storage pool in the LVM.



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>What about working towards making LVM cluster aware and making it more
>available, putting in better failover mechanisms in a clustered
>environment ...
>If the work is done for for a hybrid setup (no need to have a shared
>disk, or you may have a mix of shared disk and just a some disks
>connected to one of the nodes in the network.) you can save the cost of
>having to buy expensive disks and switches and can do the work with the
>available setup in the university.
>I am myself planning to work towards extending LVM2 for such a setup and
>we can share our work : )O
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>> >Hey everyone,
>> >	I'm a masters student taking a distributed systems project class
>> >and would like to work on extending LVM. My initial idea was to
>> >LVM and allow it to create physical volumes using disks on remote
>> >But then I read posts about using ENBD to achieve this. Do people on
>> >this list have suggestions or ideas for a fun/interesting project
>> >could be accomplished within 10 weeks?
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>> >Regards,
>> >Kai-Min Sung
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