[linux-lvm] Gold Assistance

Gerald Nwafor gerald_nwafor1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Apr 28 17:56:02 UTC 2003

Gerald Nwafor

House B 35, Snit Quarters,

Asylum  down,
Accra Ghana.

Dear  Sir, 

With due respect to your person I kindly wish to ask for your attention and consideration just for a while.
My family and I are in dare  need of assistance. Our Late father,  Who was the  paramount ruler of our community and also  the crown king  of our region, left behind a great deal of wealth and treasure which most of our elder uncles and members of our  family have for the past months exploited upon without either of my younger sisters or  I  benefiting.This has caused an untold hardship on us . But now, I am very happy and glad that our family attorney just informed me  in confidant that my  late father  confined in him about certain security deposit he made, which at the  moment is in the custody of a security company.
As you may know my country is one of Africa's largest producers of  "GOLD" and our community has a lot of this resources too. As a normal procedure, all the foreign mining company working in our community, are mandated by the law to give a percentage of whatever Gold they mind to the community as a hold as gratuity. Since my father was  the community head , he collects it on  behalf of the community and later shares it among the families concerned and keeps his.
Out of the lot that he kept as his share during his last days on earth, he kept some quantity of these resources "Gold dust" otherwise called alluvial concentrate in the custody of  a security company for safekeeping . Only for his untimely death.
So this is the only opportunity for us to claim this treasure and hand it over to someone who will help us invest this treasure to enable us secure our feature.
If you will or can help us invest this product Golg dust, 350KG. please urgently let us know , so that I can give you further details.
I do not have a telephone at the moment , but hope to get one soon , so I would appreciate if you contact me via e-mail for the mean time, but I can call you if you want me to. 
Awaiting your kind and anticipated consideration and co-operation.

Yours truly,
Gerald Nwafor.                                                         (For the family) 

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