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adepeters at av.com adepeters at av.com
Tue Apr 29 00:07:02 UTC 2003


Sorry for bothering you, but I'm in big trouble and want to ask your help.

I started my own business 4 years ago. I worked day and night, helped everyone I could, paid plenty of taxes, and never cheated anybody.

Then 2 years ago my wife got a severe kind of breast cancer. The bills for her medial treatment were huge, but we could pay it from my personal finances.

Half a year ago, my partner in the business took all money from the accounts and disappeared. I guess he left the country. The police are trying to find him, but there is no trace. He left me with more then 100.000USD invoices still to pay for the company. I did everything not to go bankrupt, but I could not fulfil all the invoices I had to pay, and still pay for the treatment of my wife. All my personal finance went into the treatment for my wife and we had to sell our house and car. But still I'm in debt. As entrepreneur, there is no social security for situations like this.

I now have a full time job. But to come again in a normal situation, I must still pay all debts open on the company (still more then 25.000USD). For this I would like to ask your compassion. If enough people with good hart would send me a small amount of money, we could resume our lives. I don't know yet if my wife will survive her illness, but in the mean time, I want to be able to continue her treatment (chemo-therapy for the third time). 

If you could send me a small donation of money (starting from 50USD is already enough), I promise to do all the possible to refund you within a year.

You can sent your contribution to
via western union money transfer
olushola sanusi
address lagos nigeria
text question what purpose
answer help.
you can send me the mtcn number to my email.

Please put in your remarks "olushola sanusi:" because otherwise it will not be clear your donation is for me.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
olushola sanusi

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