[linux-lvm] pvmove hangs

Alasdair G Kergon agk at uk.sistina.com
Mon Aug 18 12:58:02 UTC 2003

On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 01:46:38PM +0200, Jan Niehusmann wrote:
> pvmove --abort really hangs... 

Puzzling.  But we can think of some explanations that could tie this in
with the 383/384 problem.

> The difference is that the first pvmove just doesn't show any progress,
> but can be stopped with ctrl-c. 

> pvmove --abort doesn't return, isn't
> killable, and after issuing it, every attempt to access a filesystem on
> lvm also blocks.

I'd like to see the debug log file/strace for that pvmove --abort and
the full ps output for the process (incl decoded wchan and process state,
nice value, resident memory size & whether its CPU time is static or
increasing) - before and after issuing the 'kill -9' that doesn't work.

We're probably going to need to start sending you patches to instrument
the kernel if we are to work out what's going on here [unless you happen
to have the machine set up for kgdb].

Also, careful use of 'dmsetup' should let us deduce some internal state.

Do you use irc or IM - might speed things up if so?


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