[linux-lvm] reuses an existing LV number

Joseph Kezar jkezar at doc.state.vt.us
Mon Jan 27 10:51:01 UTC 2003

I have a situation here where I have to Volume groups


I just created 2 more Logical Volumes(LV) on VolumeMailData to make a total
of 4.
I then rebooted and got this error

vgscan - found an inactive volume group "VolumeMailData"
vgscan - found an inactive volume group "vg0"
vgscan - volume group "vg0" reuses an existing logical volume number; please
vgexport/vgimport that VG or use option -f


kernel panic: no init found; try passing init=

VolumeMailData gets activated.  But my root (/) is on vg0 which doesnt get
activated and I am dead in the water.

I can detach my JBOD/RAID Array which makes up VolumeMailData so I can boot.
This way it doesnt find the inactive volume group VolumeMailData and vgo is
able to come up normaly

How can I fix this problem, as it is I kinda need both volume groups
functioning simantaniously :)
Joe Kezar

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