[linux-lvm] trouble adding a disk to exisiting lvm

Gert van der Knokke gertk at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 9 17:25:02 UTC 2003


Probably this is a known problem but anyway as I'm new to the subject of 
LVM I give it a go.

We set up on a server machine an initial LVM consisting of two 80 Gb 
drives dangling on a Promise RAID controller (just using them as 
/dev/hde and /dev/hdg, aka two separate IDE devices, no raid magic involved)
This worked as a charm and the resulting LVM was setup with ext3 
filesystem without a hitch. The LVM was filled with data from other IDE 
devices (source) and when these were copied (they were FAT32 volumes) 
these source drives were emptied and with fdisk the partition table was 
emptied too.

Pvcreate was done on the first drive to be added and after vgscan and 
vgextend an fsck -f was done on the lvm volume before resize2fs was done.
All this still went without problems, remounting the extended volume 
gave no errors.

The volume was unmounted and the next drive was to be added, same 
procedure (partition table clear with fdisk, pvcreate, vgscan, vgextend)
but then as fsck was run a huge pile of numbers came up with at the end 
the question fix<y>?  And I aborted this by Ctrl-C to keep the 
filesystem as it were.

I guess the adding of the third drive issued this problem, did resize2fs 
  foul up ? Is the whole volume at risk ?


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