[linux-lvm] hard drive crash info please

Randy Perkins randyperkins at randyperkins.com
Thu May 8 12:50:03 UTC 2003

	I have a lvm setup of 5 PV (disks), 1 VG,  and 1 LV.  one of the drives
just started clicking, and is not recognizable by the bios. Now when i
boot up my volume group is not recognized.
some info:

redhat 8.0
lvm 1.0.3
readable copy of /etc/lvmconf/my_vg.conf ( about 5 months old )

	How can i retrieve some of the data that is contained soley
on the other 4 drives. ?? Any help is appreciated.

	i have been looking over the list,
and it appears this thread talks about extracting data from LV
that didnt span the bad disk, but i only have one LV.
it looks like he is using lvm2
	does lvm2 have additional tools that can be used to bring back some of
my data. ??

i was just keeping mp3 on this LV, but when i upgraded redhat i moved
all my data to it for awhile, and never moved it back.  my wife is
pissed cause i lost all my digital pictures, and i lost all my personal
files.  i knew better but didnt listen to myself.  the hard drive gave
no errors in the logs, which i monitor, it just up and started beating
its head against the wall.  thanks for any help


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