[linux-lvm] hard drive crash info please

Emmanuel Varagnat emmanuel.varagnat at free.fr
Thu May 8 13:14:05 UTC 2003

Randy Perkins wrote:
> hello,
> 	I have a lvm setup of 5 PV (disks), 1 VG,  and 1 LV.  one of the drives
> just started clicking, and is not recognizable by the bios. Now when i
> boot up my volume group is not recognized.

I did have the same problem a long time ago. So I started to write a 
tool that would try to recover some the data from the remaining data 
available. I lost the first disk of set of 3 disk...
This is quite finished.
It uses the capability of LVM2 to deal with 'partial' VG.
It only works with ext2/ext3 filesystems and require another (temporary) 
disk where recovered data will be written.

The URL is at : http://coredump.free.fr/linux/e2retrieve.php

I also did a floppy disk with the essential (kernel 2.4.19 with LVM2 
patch, LVM2 tools, Busybox and e2retrieve).

-=( manu )=-

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