[linux-lvm] [Q] patch to overcome 2TB block device limit?

Ragnar =?unknown-8bit?Q?Kj=F8rstad?= lvm at ragnark.vestdata.no
Fri May 9 19:22:02 UTC 2003

On Fri, May 09, 2003 at 09:42:49PM +0200, Jose Luis Domingo Lopez wrote:
> On Friday, 09 May 2003, at 18:29:46 +0900,
> A. S. wrote:
> > Is there any kernel patches to exceed the 2TB kernel block device limit ?
> > I want to be able to create about single 5TB LV.
> > 
> Yes, and it has been in mainline 2.5.x kernels for a while now. Do a
> "make menuconfig" and under "Block devices" the last option is 
> "[ ] Support for Large Block Devices". From the help:
>   x CONFIG_LBD:                                                             x   

But does it support > 2 GB LVM logical volumes too now, or just > 2GB md-
devices like it used to?

Ragnar Kjørstad

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