[linux-lvm] lvm on a firewire harddisk

Herman Kuster ha.ka at chello.nl
Sat May 17 01:43:02 UTC 2003


I've got the following problem:
I've a firewire harddisk (maxtor 5000xt), this disk works fine and is
available as /dev/sda in my system.
On this disk i have created one single pv (on /dev/sda, no partitioning)
I have put this pv into a vg, and in this volume group i have created one
All seems to be working fine until the time comes when my computer restarts.
On a boot somehow the lvm system forgets the pv on de firewire harddisk and
only shows (on a pvscan for example) the pv/vg/lv's on my normal harddisks
(/dev/hda and /dev/hdb). By the time the lvm system starts up i'm sure the
ieee1394 system is up and running (i modified my rc.sysinit file so the
ieee1394 system is startup before lvm).
Even when i am logged in as a user the lvm system still doesn't know the pv
on my firewire harddisk. But after I do a 'pvdisplay /dev/sda' the pv is
shown correctly and now the lvm system knows about the pv (it shows up in
pvscan and the vg/lv become available etc.). Does anyone know why my system
behaves as it does (btw i'm using a redhat 9.0 clean install), is this some
kind of bug in the lvm system, am i doing something wrong, please help.



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