[linux-lvm] lvm on a firewire harddisk

Herbert Poetzl herbert at 13thfloor.at
Sat May 17 03:59:02 UTC 2003

On Sat, May 17, 2003 at 08:43:35AM +0200, Herman Kuster wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got the following problem:
> I've a firewire harddisk (maxtor 5000xt), this disk works fine and is
> available as /dev/sda in my system.
> On this disk i have created one single pv (on /dev/sda, no partitioning)
> I have put this pv into a vg, and in this volume group i have created one
> lv.
> All seems to be working fine until the time comes when my computer restarts.
> On a boot somehow the lvm system forgets the pv on de firewire harddisk and
> only shows (on a pvscan for example) the pv/vg/lv's on my normal harddisks
> (/dev/hda and /dev/hdb). By the time the lvm system starts up i'm sure the
> ieee1394 system is up and running (i modified my rc.sysinit file so the
> ieee1394 system is startup before lvm).
> Even when i am logged in as a user the lvm system still doesn't know the pv
> on my firewire harddisk. But after I do a 'pvdisplay /dev/sda' the pv is
> shown correctly and now the lvm system knows about the pv (it shows up in
> pvscan and the vg/lv become available etc.). Does anyone know why my system
> behaves as it does (btw i'm using a redhat 9.0 clean install), is this some
> kind of bug in the lvm system, am i doing something wrong, please help.

My guess is, that either the lack of partitioning
prohibits the correct detection of your lvm
volume, or some drivers (eg. sd_mod) are not 
present at pvscan time, which get automagically
loaded when you explicitely access /dev/sda ...


> Thanks,
> Herman
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