[linux-lvm] Can I dd one disc of a lv

Tobias Wagener tobias-lvm at tobias.wagener.nu
Thu Nov 6 06:08:02 UTC 2003


I have 3 discs, two 180 GB and one 200 GB drive, every drive is
one Partion with a one PV which builds a 560 GB VG from that I 
get a 500 GB LV.

Now the 200 GB hdd is faulty. But I have no change to extend the 
LV, because the Max LV Size is 512 GB. So pvmove isn't possible.
But I have another 200 GB Drive in my system. 

Now the question: Can I "dd" the faulty 200 GB drive to the new 200 GB
drive? And if, how? Does "dd if=/dev/hde1 of=/dev/hdf1" the job, or what
have I to do?

Greetings Tobias

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