[linux-lvm] Can I dd one disc of a lv

Rickard Olsson richie at webhackande.se
Thu Nov 6 06:22:01 UTC 2003

Tobias Wagener wrote:

> Now the question: Can I "dd" the faulty 200 GB drive to the new 200 GB
> drive? And if, how? Does "dd if=/dev/hde1 of=/dev/hdf1" the job, or what
> have I to do?

Heinz told me:
"You need to dd starting from the first physical extent (use pvdata -PP 
on the old one and look for pe_on_disk.base) to the same offset on the 
new disk (skip and seek dd option) and you want dd to continue after 
read errors (noerror option)."

Also, I was recently told about the dd_rescue utility, but I haven't had 
the misfortune/opportunity to try that one yet.

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